Feb, 16 2021

Chaos Cup 2

Professor Chaos was pleased with the mayhem caused by the first Chaos Cup, and so he has decided to run it again!

Same as during the first one, Chaos Cup 2 will exceptionally take place over the weekend of February 26th – March 1st 2021, and similarly New Kids will be set to level 19, and the card levels to tournament levels:

  • Common: lvl 6
  • Rare: lvl 5
  • Epic: lvl 4
  • Legendary: lvl 3

The price of entry for Chaos Cup will again be free, and you’re allowed to attempt as many Chaos runs as you want! However, Professor Chaos has decided to meddle with the match rules again, setting the New Kid zap damage to double!

Again, there are great prizes to the top 5 players on the leaderboard at the end of Chaos Cup:

#1 Prize:

  • Winner will again have their New Kid painted by the art team behind all Phone Destroyer characters and receive a physical copy of the creation!
  • 1 Random Legendary Card
  • 5 Random Epic Cards
  • 50 000 Cartman Coins

As a reminder, here first Chaos Cup winner’s New Kid all painted up:

Chaos Cup Winner Art

#2-5 Prizes:

  • 5 Random Epic Cards
  • 35 000 Cartman Coins

All prize winners will be announced on our Social Media channels on Monday March 2nd, so stay tuned!
Good luck, New Kid.

Please see the full CHAOS CUP rules and legal information by downloading the file here: