Nov, 2 2020

Get Ready for Chaos Cup, New Kid!

Professor Chaos has issued the ultimate challenge to find out who truly is the Master of Chaos: CHAOS CUP

Exceptionally from normal Chaos Mode, Chaos Cup will be taking place this weekend on November 6th-9th. In Chaos Cup, player and card levels have been changed from the normal. All players’ New Kid level will be set to 19 and card levels will be as follows:

  • Common: lvl6
  • Rare: lvl5
  • Epic: lvl4
  • Legendary: lvl3

To make things even more chaotic, Professor Chaos has doubled all players’ energy regeneration! Additionally, in the spirit of chaos this week’s Chaos Mode’s entrance fee has been changed to be completely free, so you can take part in the tournament as many times as you want!

At the end of the challenge mode, the top five (5) players in the Chaos Mode leaderboard will win awesome prizes!

#1 Prize:

  • The Master of Chaos will have their New Kid painted by our art team in the same style as our card art, and will receive a physical copy of the image signed by the team!
  • 1 Random Legendary Card
  • 5 Random Epic Cards
  • 50 000 Cartman Coins

#2-5 Prizes:

  • 5 Random Epic Cards
  • 35 000 Cartman Coins

All prize winners will be announced on our Social Media channels on Monday November 9th, so stay tuned!
Good luck, New Kid.

Please see the full CHAOS CUP rules and legal information by downloading the file here: