What is "South Park: Phone Destroyer™"?

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ is mobile card collection real-time battle game. Assemble your team of South Park characters, bring them onto the battlefield, and kick the crap out of your opponent! Or die.

Is it an official South Park™ Game?

Hell yes, it is! “Phone Destroyer”™ is the official South Park mobile game, developed in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios and voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone & the other South Park voice talent.

Is it a sequel to "The Stick of Truth™"?

While you will find some of the same beloved characters as in The Stick of Truth™, Phone Destroyer is its own awesome creation.

Who are the developers of the game?

A bunch of badasses. South Park: Phone Destroyer™ was developed in collaboration between South Park Digital Studios and RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio.

Is the game free-to-play?

The game is free to play. Everything can be earned in the game without paying, but you can choose to spend real world money if you wish. The game is designed so that nothing is ever locked behind a paywall. Everything in the game is available to all players as they progress, whether they choose to spend real-world money or not. Remember, you can always disable in-app purchases in your iOS device settings.

Can I kill Kenny?

You most definitely can, you bastard.

My favorite character is missing from the game. Will you add it?

We will continue expanding the collection of characters in the future. It might be your all-time favorite character from the show, it might be a new twist on an existing character, or it might be some new character created by Matt and Trey. Who knows?


New Kid

You play as the New Kid in town, and you are super awesome on your phone. You are on your phone so much that you have developed a couple super powers even!

  • You can summon allied characters and cast spells.
  • You zap your enemies with your phone beam, dealing damage to them.

As you progress through the game, your New Kid gains experience and levels up. Increasing New Kid’d level has many benefits, such as making them stronger and increasing the amount of phone zap damage that is dealt to enemies. You may even unlock the ability to find new and more powerful allies.


Some restrictions apply when designing your deck. For instance, you can only bring 12 cards with you into battle. You do so by placing unlocked cards from your collection into your deck. You can arrange your deck at New Kid’s house (your own crib!). In fact, you can have multiple decks by using the “Add deck” button at the top of the screen in New Kids house.

Earn new cards by playing through the single player campaign, opening packs of cards, and crushing your opponents in real-time Player vs. Player combat!

How do I play?

When you go to a level or start a PVP battle, you will enter a battlefield.

You start the battle with five cards in your hand.

On the bottom left of your screen, a Battery indicator will display how much Energy you currently have. Energy charges up over time.

Your New kid uses Energy to play cards. Each card has an Energy Cost (the number located on the top left hand corner of the card).

Cards can either be characters that help you attack enemies or defend your New Kid, or devastating spells that will punish your enemies or aid your allies. Simply drag a card from your hand onto the battlefield and watch it come to life!

Whenever you play a card, you immediately draw a new one from your battle deck. If you don’t play cards, you don’t draw new cards. Fallen characters will be drawn back to your hand eventually, so you can use them again and again!

Cards have many different and powerful abilities, so be sure to take a closer look at your collection!

Can I control characters after I place them?

No. “Phone Destroyer” is a game of strategic card placement. You decide what card to play, when to play, and where to place it. After that, card turns into a character which will live (and die) on its own. (You can of course place more characters to help defend the previous characters 🙂 )

Sometimes I can't play a card! It's grey in my deck and not responding!

Cards can be greyed out for two reasons:

  • You currently do not have enough energy to play this card
  • There is already another presence of the same character in the battlefield (for example, another Kyle or another Stan etc, with a different theme or costume).

In the single-player Campaign, you cannot play any character that is already on the battlefield. That means, if I have a Randy in my hand, and there is already an enemy Randy in the battlefield (regardless of whether the other Randy is from a different theme or name), I cannot play Randy until that other Randy is dead.

In PVP Multiplayer, you can play any of the same characters that your opponent has in play, but you CANNOT play any same characters that you own on the battlefield. So, if you have one Cartman already in the battlefield and still alive, you cannot play another Cartman from your hand until it dies – so choose wisely!

My enemy played a character against me and I don't know what it is!

You can see information about the card at any time during the gameplay in two ways.

  • Tap and hold on ANY card in your hand
  • Tap and hold on ANY character on the battlefield

When viewing card information in the Single Player Campaign, gameplay will be paused. However, the game will not pause when viewing card information in PVP multiplayer.

I keep getting my ass kicked in PvP, what gives?

Well, you most likely just suck at the game and need to keep playing and upgrading your characters. Phone Destroyer is game of tactics and strategy, so keep practicing, study your opponents, and get revenge!



Cards can be of several types:

You know spells. You cast and it does things to your enemies and friends.

You play the card on the battlefield and it turns into a character.

Characters can represent several classes, such as Fighters, Assassins, Tanks and Ranged troops. They behave differently on the battlefield.

  • Fighter: Your general all-purpose melee character. Armed with a sword, stick or pair of fists, they deal damage to enemies in close combat.
  • Assassin: Small, fast and deadly. Their attacks deal a lot of damage, but Assassins are very fragile and can easily be killed.
  • Tank: Doesn’t do much damage, but they have a lot of health and are hard to kill.
  • Ranged: Shoot their enemies from distance, but can easily be eliminated in close combat.

Where to get cards?

Free packs:
You get one pack of cards for free every four hours, which you can claim your Free Pack from Cartman’s Shop. Cartman can store up to two Free Packs at a time. After two unclaimed Free Packs are in his shop, you won’t be getting the next one. Keep checking back and claim those Free Packs.

PvP packs:
You get PVP Packs for victories in PVP Multiplayer. Need more cards or coins? Jump into PVP, win some battles and earn yourself a pack!
Loot lockers:
Each time you beat a Campaign stage or defeat an opponent in PVP Multiplayer, you get to open three of the ten Loot Lockers. Somewhere inside these lockers are super sweet Special Rewards!

Cartman’s shop:
Buy some cards for coins in Cartman’s shop. Remember that stock is limited, but Cartman always manages to get it replenished each 24 hours.

Butter’s shop:
Butters also has his own shop, except, being a Don King Butters, he sells his merchandize for PVP Tickets. Just like Cartman, he replenishes his stock each 24 hours.

Premium packs:
Last but not least, you can choose to buy yourself one the Premium Card packs for Cold Hard Cash.


All players are equal, but not all cards are. Some cards are easier to get and some not. In “Phone Destroyer”, each card has one of the four rarities.

The meat and potatoes of any deck. Common cards will get the job done, but don’t expect them to be the showstopper of your deck.

Potent and purposeful, Rare cards are a must for a competitive deck.

The cards that can really make a difference in combat, a few Epic characters can really change the tides of any battle.

Holy Hankey are these cards awesome! The ultimate collectibles, make your friends jealous when you find one of these amazing gems.


Each card in the game represents one of the four themes:

Cowboys, Indians, Ninjas, and Pirates – all the classics! Adventure is all about simpler cards and…simpler times. With a focus on dealing direct damage, you will find lots of heavy damage dealing units and explosive spell cards!

Robots and Aliens – a matchup from the future! A Sci-Fi deck excels in battlefield control and using tricky powers to manipulate your opponents. Expect to see lots of freezing, mind control, and speed-up powers in this collection.

In this theme the old religions face off against the new. You’ll find many powerful healing and energy boosting powers in this collection.

We had a LOT of left over assets laying around from The Stick of Truth, so of course we had to include them as their own theme! The Fantasy theme is all about boosting the characters already in play. Increasing health and attack, granting invincibility, and a bevy of other cool enhancements can be found here.

Not everyone in South Park felt like playing dress-up, so they all got stuck in the boring Neutral collection. The good news? You can include them in ANY deck. The Neutral collection contains a strong base set of cards off of which any player can fine tune their deck toward the strategy they prefer.

Deck building

When you build a deck, you can only use cards from two themes at a time, and add as many “neutral” cards as you wish. Once you try to add a third theme to your deck, the game will prompt you to remove cards representing one of the already included themes.

Special powers

Most characters have Special Powers. Special powers come in four flavors:

Geranimo! These powers happen as soon as you play a character that has a Warcry ability. Maybe it’s running to an enemy and hitting them hard! Or throwing something at an enemy. Or poisoning some enemies. Or maybe boosting your characters. In any case, to use this type of Special Power, just play the character and it will do the rest.

Some characters are so cool, they do things just by being on the battlefield! Like healing Allies. Or reducing the attack of nearby enemies. To use these Special Powers, again, just play them, and they will do their thing to surrounding units as long as they are alive.

Some characters do stuff when they die. For example, a character might leave a grenade that does a huge explosion. Or its vengeful spirit can get revenge on an enemy that just killed it. Lots of fun. To use these Special Powers, all you need to do is let your Deathwish characters die and reap the benefits! Sorry Kenny!

These are the most special of all the Special Powers, you can actually control them! Quite a few characters charge up their power, and when it’s ready – tap the bubble that appears above the character and it will do its thing.

How to improve your cards

There are two ways.

You can increase a card’s stats by upgrading it. All you need to do is collect the necessary items shown on the card’s upgrade info sheet, spend a few Cartman Coins, and BOOM – upgrade complete. The number of upgrades per card is strictly limited according to the regulations of the Canadian Bureau of Mobile Games. But when no more upgrades are available, fear not. Because there is also level up.

Level up:
When cards cannot be upgraded anymore, they can be leveled up. Leveling up a card does a great deal of improvement to the card stats at the same time (Health and Attack, and maybe something else!). More importantly, it increases the amount of upgrades the card can have. Leveling up a card couldn’t be easier: Just collect enough copies of the card, drop a few Cartman coins, and SHAZAM – card leveled up. All cards start at level 1 and can be upgraded a whopping six times.



We won’t spoil the amazing and hilarious single player campaign for you here. Simply get out there and battle your way through the streets of South Park!


The kids of South Park have laid out a bunch of stages for you to battle through. Simply continue progressing along the path and kicking kids asses to progress from stage to stage. Every stage has loot, because what’s a game without that sweet, sweet loot? When you beat a stage you have a shot at collecting 3 of the possible 10 rewards awaiting you. We don’t believe in grind, so you never will need to beat the same stage twice! When you do kick the crap out of a stage boss, the stage will “level up”. This means there’s fresh loot to be gotten, but also tougher enemies to battle!


An Episode is made up of five stages. Level up the stages in an Episode enough times and the whole Episode will level up. Leveling up an Episode improves the loot you will find at the end of each stage.



The most important thing to remember when playing against live opponents is that they are probably taking a dump right now. You’re basically hanging out with a stranger while he (or she) is wrecking a toilet somewhere in the world. To play a PvP match, simply tap the “BATTLE” button in the main screen or enter a battle at Butters’ House.

How do I win in PvP?

You kick the other New Kid’s ass. You can do that by:

  • Completely draining the health of the Enemy New Kid.
  • Having more full health sections than Enemy New Kid.
  • If both players have an equal number of full health sections by the end of the match, it goes into overtime, which lasts for one minute.
  • In overtime, the first player to drain the opponent’s New Kid’s health section will win. If no one manages to do that in one minute, the game will end in a draw.

Winning a PvP match gets you a shot at the PvP loot screen. You can open three lockers just like in Single Player Mode, even though the rewards in them will be slightly different.


Each win in PvP earns you one PvP star. Complete all the PVP stars in your current Rank to advance to the next. Higher Ranks unlock some cooler cards and have better loot rewards. At first you can never lose a star, but at higher ranks if you lose a match, you lose a star!

The Legends Leaderboard

When you complete all the PvP stars in the highest Rank, you are moved into The Legends Leaderboard. Here you directly compete against top players in the world! Your PvP Rank Shield will show your absolute position among other players. Beat them all and become #1!

How does matchmaking work?

The game will always try to match you with an opponent of the same rank as you. If it can’t do so within a reasonable time, it will try to find someone one rank higher or lower than you. The system is built so that most of the time, you play against people that are close to you in terms of game progress, level and skill, although occasionally you can meet weaker or stronger opponents.

What are those PvP packs?

The game will give you free packs of cards for your victories in PvP. Each pack requires a specific number of PvP wins to be claimed. Packs with more or better content require more wins. Don’t worry if you lose a match and lose a PvP Rank star, you don’t lose any progress towards your next PVP pack.

Why do I have to wait for the next PvP pack?

Because there are many other great things to do. Go for a walk. Talk to your friends. Watch a South Park episode. Or play some of the single-player content of “Phone Destroyer”.



Teams are a cool new way to cooperate and socialize with other New Kids like yourself. You can join a team, or create your own when you reach PVP rank 2. You can find teams in Butters’ house on the right side.

I've found a team but can't join! Why?

This can be because:

  • The team is full. Teams can only have up to 50 members.
  • The team leader set the team to “closed” so that it doesn’t accept new applicants.

You’re not yet awesome enough to join this team! Requirements can be New Kid level or PVP rank. You can check them at the team info panel.

Why should I join a team?

Simply put, because it’s more fun when there’s more people. You can chat and discuss cards, decks and strategies with your teammates. Also, you can help each other to level up your decks and New Kids by requesting and donating cards. Each 8 hours you can request a common or rare card and get 12 copies of common or 3 copies of rare.

Why would I give my cards away?

First off, you never lose a card you already have. Even if you have no copies of it, you can still use the card!

Second, there may be cards that you don’t need at the moment, but your teammates do. Remember, sharing is caring!

Third, donating cards is a great way to earn extra coins and level up your New Kid. For each copy of a card you donate, you get Experience and Coins. Each Common card you donate gives you 2 XP and 5 coins, and each Rare card donated gives you 6 XP and 15 coins.

I want a specific card but I can't request it. Why?

You can only request copies of the cards you already have. In order to request a card from a teammate you need to find it yourself first, in card packs or loot lockers. Plus, you can only request Common or Rare cards. If you need extra copies of Epic or Legendary card, look for them in Shops or Loot lockers.


Can I play on multiple devices?

Yes, you can play on multiple iOS or Android devices as long as you are signed in with the same GameCenter (on iOS) or Google (on Android) accounts.

Can I transfer my progress from iOS to Android or the other way around?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer your progress from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS.

I've lost my progress!

Make sure you are signed in with the correct GameCenter account (if you play on iOS device) or Google account (if you play on Android device).

I'm using the correct account, but my progress is still lost!

Contact our customer support https://support.ubi.com. Provide them with as much information about your account as you can – your in-game name, New Kid level, PVP rank and so on.

My game crashes!

Make sure you are playing on a supported device. Please check the list of supported devices:


  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPad Pro and iPad Pro Mini
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 4


  • The game supports Android devices with at least 2GB RAM.

My game doesn't start!

  • Make sure you play on a supported device.
  • Make sure you are logged in with a GameCenter or Google account.
  • If nothing helps, contact our customer support by tapping “Support” button in game settings or visit https://support.ubi.com