Jun, 1 2020

South Park: Phone Destroyer Showdown 2020!

Hey New Kid!

Showdown 2020 has started and will take place on the Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages of South Park: Phone Destroyer, where 32 characters will be duking it out to find out who is the greatest of them all! The tournament will be held in 5 rounds with the characters facing off on 1 vs 1 votes which will be active on South Park: Phone Destroyer Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages. Each vote will be open for 24 hours, so be on the lookout to cheer for your favorites! 

When the tournament is over, we will be creating super exclusive canvas prints from the winning character’s artwork and raffling them away on our social channels! So champion your favorite character to the victory to give them an additional chance to appear in the game, as well as for a chance to hang their artwork on your wall as an awesome canvas print!

Here is a sample image of the canvas with Zen Cartman, do you think he’ll be the winner?
Zen Cartman Canvas

So go out there, start voting, and let’s find out who is the most popular character of South Park: Phone Destroyer!