Nov, 7 2017

What is South Park: Phone Destroyer?

What is it?

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a badass mobile card collection real-time battle game, developed by RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio, in cooperation with South Park Digital Studios! It’s free to play and in order to keep the Canadian Devil at bay, everything can be earned in the game without paying. You play as the New Kid in town as you battle your way through the streets of South Park against your favorite characters and enemy players alike. The neighborhood kids can’t decide what to play next- so you can play it all! Cowboys versus Indians now includes robots, aliens, knights, princesses, choirboys, angels, ManBearPig, cock magic… and more! Build the ultimate deck to crush your opponents in the single player campaign and real time player versus player combat!

Badass Cards!

Cards showcase the assorted heroes and abilities that you can choose to bring with you into the fray! Putting a card in your deck will add a given hero to your team, which could be a fighter, assassin, tank, or ranged unit. Fighters are general all-purpose melee characters that deal damage to enemies in close combat. Tanks can also be used for short-range attacks, but their low strength and high health stats make them better suited to distracting your enemies. While enemy units focus on your tank or fighters, you can employ ranged characters to snipe your foes from afar. Assassins are fast and deadly, so use them to quickly eliminate distracted enemies or to take a shot at the opponent’s New Kid while their units are occupied with their own battles. Both assassins and ranged units have low health, so be careful where you deploy them! In addition to heroes, you can also play devastating spell cards to punish your enemies or aid your allies.

Most cards in the game represent one of four themes: adventure, sci-fi, mystical, and fantasy. You can only choose two themes for each deck, so pick your cards carefully! Characters who decided not to dress up got stuck in the neutral theme, so those cards can be added to any deck. Obtaining cards from packs is a matter of luck, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your favorite character right away! Cards can be found in free packs, PVP packs, premium packs, loot lockers, and in-game shops. We will continue expanding the collection of characters in the future, so keep an eye out for special events.

Fast-paced Combat!

After you’ve built an awesome deck, take it into combat! You play units by dragging cards onto the stage, but you can’t control your heroes after you play them. Strategic card placement will serve you well against your opponents! These units move from left to right in PvE, using a unique combination of physics and pathfinding to crush your enemies. Heroes advance on the enemy New Kid from left to right across the PvP battlefield, although they may deviate from their course to kill enemy units along the way. Most heroes have special powers that make them unique from other characters. These powers may come in the form of a warcry that begins as soon as a hero is played, an aura that surrounds a unit for the entire time it’s on the field, a deathwish that takes effect as soon as a character dies, or a charged ability that you can manually control!

When you start a PVE level or a PVP battle, you start with five random cards from your deck. A battery indicator on the bottom left of your screen shows how much energy you have, which recharges over time. Each card has an energy cost displayed on the top left hand corner of the card- keep an eye on your remaining energy as you summon more cards! If you really want to dominate the playing field, track your opponent’s energy consumption in addition to your own. Whether you’re playing PvE or PVP, this information can be a critical part of your strategy as you wait for the perfect moment to deal a devastating blow. Some heroes may have special abilities that will give players extra energy or even decrease enemy energy regeneration!

Hilarious 60 Stage Campaign!

Now you’re ready to fight against all of your favorite South Park characters in the single player campaign! The kids of South Park have staked out their territory and transformed the neighborhood into a warzone. You’ll play through each stage to collect loot and progress through the story. When you beat a stage boss, the stage will “level up.” An Episode contains five stages. If you level up those stages enough times, the whole Episode will level up and you’ll find even better loot at the end of each stage! Loot might include in-game currency, new cards, or upgrade materials to make your cards even stronger. However, as you find better loot your New Kid will also be fighting stronger enemies. You’ll unlock cards from each area’s theme as you progress through the campaign. We won’t spoil the amazing and hilarious story for you, so get out there and play!

Intense Real-Time PvP!

Are you prepared to test your Phone Destroyer skills against other players and score some sweet loot in real-time PvP? Crush your opponents by completely draining the health of the Enemy New Kid or ending the match with more full health sections than the enemy player. If both players have an equal number of full health sections by the end of the match, the game goes into a sudden death mode, which lasts for one minute. The first player to drain the opponent’s New Kid’s health section will win, or the game ends in a draw when the extra minute is up. We use a skill-based matchmaking system, so you will usually play against people that are similar to you in game progress and New Kid level. Fight your way through the PVP ranks to claim awesome rank-up rewards and free PVP card packs. When you complete all the PVP stars in the highest rank, you are moved in to The Legendary Leaderboard where you compete directly against the top players in the world! You can also form your own team and hang out with your friends. This allows you to chat with other group members, share cards with your teammates, and build your own community in the game!

If you’re having a hard time deciding which cards to add to your deck or you want to discuss strategy with other players, check out our game forums or follow us on social media! We also have very active fan-made communities on Reddit and Discord. You can ask other players for advice, share your deck pics, discuss ideas for new cards, recruit new teammates, and reach out to the RedLynx community team directly! We’re hoping to make Phone Destroyer the best card game you’ve ever played, and every bit of player feedback helps. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need to become the ultimate Phone Destroyer, get out there and conquer the streets of South Park!